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10 Ways to Choose the Ultimate Adventure Backpack

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Is adventure calling you?
Do you want to hit the trails?
Need the best for adventure travel?
Going on a camping trip?

Here Are the Top 10 Best Features an Adventure Backpack Should Have.

1.  Bigger Isn’t Always Better
If you need to hike any distance, size and weight matter a lot.  Look for a lightweight sturdy Backpack that offer the support and storage you need without adding extra weight you don’t need to carry.  Really think about what you need to bring and how you need to pack for accessibility. 

2.  Test Out The Size of Your Backpack
When packing for your camping, hiking or adventure trip, make a list of what you want to take and what you need to take.  You may find that what you want and what you need are two different things.  Lighter is better and you do not want to get caught without the gear you need.  So, practice packing with your backpack and wearing it packed.  This will help you eliminate what you do not need and add what you do.

3.  Wide Padded Shoulder Straps and Shoulder Connecting Strap
Make sure your backpack has padded shoulder straps.  They need to be not too thick or too thin.  If the strap is too thin bruising can occur.  Too thick with foam and the strap can bunch up in places creating spots that are too thin and too thick in some areas.  Again trying on the backpack weighted is a great for testing out the strap padding. Look for a backpack that has a strap connecting the two shoulder straps to each other that is easy to open, close and adjust.  This offers additional support and stability.

4. Padded Belly Straps
For larger backpacks and if you are carrying a lot of gear, padded belly straps or a waist belt are critical for providing the necessary support and stability.  The belt should ideally sit over the hip bones. 

5.  Side Pouches and Pockets
Side pouches and pockets are helpful when you need quick access on the trail.  You don’t want to have to stop and unpack every time you want a drink of water, have a snack or need to look at a map.  Some backpacks have specific pockets for these items as well.  It is important not to put anything vital in open pockets just in case something falls out and is lost. 

6.  Backpack Loops
Also look for outside loops on your backpack.  These loops are designed to clip things to the backpack like a water bottle, hat or sunglasses case.

7.  Cooling Back Panel Material
If you are going to be in the hot sun or hiking long distances at a time, it is important that your backpack has cooling material in the back panel.  The cooling panel is made to take heat away from your back to minimize sweating that can lead to a heat rash.

8.  Water Resistant
Water resistant material will protect you backpack from rain and sweat.  Water resistant does not however mean waterproof.  If your water resistant backpack becomes fully immersed in water, it won’t necessarily protect all of your gear.  If you need your backpack for a canoe, kayak or water adventure, look for a water proof bag for your important gear.

9.  Frame sheets
Frame sheets help give your backpack additional support.  The frame sheets are placed in the back of the backpack inside the material.  They work just like a back support works in a chair.  Lightweight, these frames help to distribute the weight and gives the backpack extra sturdiness.

10.  Check The Fit
It is very important that your backpack fits you.  The straps need to be easy to adjust to your height and weight.  It should be comfortable and something that you can wear for many hours daily especially if you are hiking all day for multiple days.  Backpacks need to fit snugly while also allowing free range of movement. If you try it on and it feels uncomfortable and bulky, send it back and try another one.