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Teva—Outdoor Adventure Footwear!

Since the 1980's Teva has been offering footwear designed for outdoor adventure. Teva's footwear is engineered to provide protection, safety and comfort. Shoe and sandals designed for water and land give you the freedom to maximize your adventure with minimal gear. Check out these links for great deals on Teva's latest designs and traditional favorites.

Teva--Footwear—for Outdoor Adventure!
Teva offers more than sandals! Find shoes for hiking, water and sports all with Teva's amazing technology. Shop Teva today!

Shop Teva and support the environment
Teva is passionate about being 'eco-ninjas' and have supported and sponsored eco friendly causes since the inception of their company. When you buy Teva you help the environment and get great footwear to enjoy outdoor adventure.

Teva is proud to announce their ALL NEW Men's Forge Pro Mid Shoe!
You never know what kinds of opportunities you'll have for spontaneous adventure. With the Forge Pro Mid eVent®, you won't be the guy who turned down an awesome time because you didn't want to scuff your loafers. The Forge Pro Mid eVent® was built on our versatile MXT platform and has a ridiculously breathable eVent® waterproof membrane. So the next time you get the opportunity for an adventure, jump on it!

Top Three States for Hiking and Water Adventure

1.  Colorado
You cannot go wrong in Colorado.  Covered in protected parks, Colorado has many hiking trails and rivers to choose from.  Combing the two won’t be difficult at all! Also, you can hardly move without running into an Outdoor Adventure Company that would be very happy to guide you on your trip.

2. Virginia
The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, home of one of our Nation’s natural wonders, Natural Bridge.  Gorgeous scenery, dense forests and natural waterfalls make this an ideal destination for outdoor adventure.

3.  Maine
‘Maine, The Way Life Should Be’ is their state slogan.  And it is true!  Laid back with access to mountains, rivers and the sea, Maine adventure is challenging.  The hikes are steep and the water cold and rough.  Even though an adventure in Maine may be a little more challenging, the views and scenery are spectacular and worth any extra sweat!