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Top 5 Outdoor Adventure Features for Sunglasses

If you are planning an outdoor activity like hiking, skiing, water skiing or camping it is important to have appropriate eye protection. Making sure you have the perfect sunglasses to fit your outdoor activity is essential for safety and maximum range of vision. However the idea that you must spend a lot of money to get sunglasses that are durable and provide the protection you need is a myth. Finding discounted designer and top brand quality sunglasses even if you need prescription sunglasses, is not only possible, it can be easy. Here are some tips to guide you in what features to look for and we have provide you with clickable links and adds to help you easily find what you need.

1. Polarized Sunglasses
Having polarize sunglasses is a must for outdoor activities. If the weather is wet, humid, foggy or cloudy having polarized sunglasses will help you still be able to see. Polarization helps to maximize visibility in any kind of weather so that you can still enjoy your sport regardless of what the weather is doing.

2. Shatter Resistant

If you are participating in any kind of physical sport, having shatter resistant glasses is very helpful so that you and your sunglasses are protected from flying debris and falls.

3. Scratch resistant

How many times have you found the perfect pair of sunglasses only to have them scratch right away because they came in contact with your keys or equipment? Get the most scratch resistant sunglasses available. Also get a case that fits your sunglasses, is easily portable and fits in your bag.

4. Maximum UV Protection
Protect your eyes! Getting the maximum UV protection available for your sunglasses protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. Wear you glasses even when it is cloudy because that is when UV rays at times can be the most harmful. If your glasses are polarized they should actually help you see better if it is a cloudy day.

5. Fit
Make sure your glasses fit you comfortably and snuggly. You will be wearing them for long periods of time if you are having outdoor adventures so having sunglasses that fit properly on the bridge of your nose and on your ears will reduce chance of headaches, pinching and discomfort. Make sure your sunglasses have maximum coverage for your eyes and consider a sunglasses that wraps around the sides of your face. This will protect and maximize your peripheral vision. Also consider a strap to hold your sunglasses. When you remove your sunglasses the strap lets them hang around your neck minimizing the chance of dropping your sunglasses or losing them.

If you need prescription glasses do not hesitate to get DISCOUTED PRESCRIPTION SUNGLASSES You can still have stylish glasses while still being able to see clearly. Ditch the clip-ons and go with prescription sunglasses!